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Jan 16, 2008:
Some new thistle memorobelia available. Below Robert Reid's article is a dowloadable book: the People's Club. At 15.3MB its pretty big - takes a few minutes, be patient.

Aug 29, 2007:
Partick Thisle fans Begin building site in appreciation of the main stand at Firhill.

Sept 15, 2007:
On each page of the site there will be a link to old abandoned PTFC fan websites. On this page is the well known Over Land and Sea.

Over Land and Sea.

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Sept 16, 2007:
v1.0, Main stand site launched.


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The main stand forms part of Firhill Stadium the home of Partick Thistle, the best football team in Scotland.


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The Excellent Main Stand

This site has been set up to celebrate the eightieth birthday of Partick Thistle's excellent main stand. This structure was completed in 1927 and has been an essential part of the history and atmosphere of the club. Below is an article written by the club's Vice President and club historian in commemoration of this great structure:

Many Happy Returns, Ma'am

by Robert Reid, Vice President

Can it really be 80 years since this great old lady we know as the 'old' stand was formally opened? Less of the 'old' I hear you say in reference to this much loved and respected structure, which has really stood the test of time very well indeed. Yes, its all of 80 years and more since the formal opening on 13th August 1927, the formalities of the ceremony performed by J. B. Cooper Esq. Member of Parliament for the Maryhill Division of Glasgow. We used to call her the Main Stand, but now she is the Old Stand and that's a shame. Its a long time since I heard her referred to as the 'Jimmy Gibson Stand', a term used by fans who concluded that her very existance was occasioned by the transfer of the immensely popular Jimmy Gibson to Aston Villa. Yes, even in those far off days money talked, but only in a mere whisper compared to nowadays.

I supported Thistle from the terracing opposite for many years. I paid 7d (not even 7p) for the opportunity to marvel at the wing wizardry of Johnny MacKenzie, the ball skills of Willie Sharp and the electric pace of Jimmy Walker. As the rain battered down on my head I was in no way envious of those sitting in the stand on the other side of the Firhill pitch. To me the stand had a certain mystique about it. To me it was a place for other people, people with some financial clout, as it were. The days of the 'Prawn Sandwich Brigade' refered to by Roy keane were still a million miles away. From memory, away back in the 50's, the only time I would be in the stand would be on the occasion of Reserve fixtures. If you were too young to travel away in support of the First Eleven you watched the 'Ham and Eggers' or 'the Stiffs' at Firhill. If the first team was doing well, someone would announce the half-time score. If not, - silence. These infrequent visits to the stand were all part of one's early, formative years as a Thistle supporter.

Of course, the years have rolled on in their inexorable fashion, and I, like many others, became a standite and must have watched hundreds of Thistle games from my favourite seat. The grand old lady has presided over eighty years of Firhill Thrills (and disappointments), she has marvelled at the classy skills and admirable endeavour of countless stars in red and yellow and wrung her hands in despair at the ineptitude of others. She has shared with us the highs and lows, the 'buzz', the adrenaline rush, the range of emotions. She is an integral part of Firhill, and all that means.

Long live the 'Old' Stand!


Save The Excellent Main Stand

Completed in 1927, the stand is now in need of some refurbishment and it is hoped that this site will assist in raising awareness of what could be lost to Partick Thistle, the local community and Glasgow itself. Lets save this magnificent structure for future fans to have a link with those of long ago.


Over the course of this year it is hoped that we will build up a site that celebrates the main stand by offering photographs and other items that might be of interest to the fans - especially those who appreciate the tradition and history of the club exemplified by the main stand. All of the rest of the past has been extinguished from the stadium. It is hoped that the board of directors will appreciate the facility that is the main stand as their predecessors have done so throughout the last eighty years.

The People's Club.The book (right) was produced by the Maryhill Community Centre to celebrate the club and its place in the community as part of the North Kelvin History Project. It was published in 1986 one hundred and ten years after the birth of our illustrious club. To view the book please click on it. There are more new items to be found on the 'terracing'.

Thistle Hospitality BrochureMarketing forms a key part of any football club's ability to dreate revenue in this modern age as indeed it is in any business. The brochure (right) shows the way rolex replica that the club, stadium and indeed the main stand was marketed to businesses and the public only a decade or so ago. In this document can be seen the ambition and vision for this great club shown at that time by the board of directors. To view the brochure please click on it.

Partick Thistle Yearbook 1971 - 72 From an even earlier period, we have managed to find the Partick Thistle Yearbook shown right. This is an idea that might be worth reviving if for no other reason than to bring in a little more money for the club. I always enjoyed such items and would certainly welcome their return. With the reduced costs of producing publications in present times this could be a reasonably cheap item for sale at the start of each season. It is interesting to see the amount of adverts in the book that link to the community and further. Once again the content and presentation is indicative of rolex replica the status and ambition the club held at that time. Please click on the book to download. Please note that page 27 has been artificially cleaned up and that you can see the original annotated page by clicking here. Well worth having a look at to see the fantastic season enjoyed by us all at Firhill and of coarse Hampden that season.

You might also want to have a look at page 32 where the Firhill Club is featured. Another great part of the history of the main stand. Our team is called Partick Thistle Football Club - whatever happened to the club bit of it? For more downloads visit the terracing by clicking here.

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