the main stand photo by Dave J


Latest news:

Aug 29, 2007:
Partick Thisle fans launch site in appreciation of the main stand at Firhill.

Aug 29, 2007:
v1.0, Main stand site launched.



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Much of this information came from ReadPlease, 121 Cherry Ridge Road, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada - P7G 1A7 and Thunderbay Regional Health Sciences Centre, 980 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario,P7B 6V4.


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ReadPlease is a text-to-speech application which will read the pages aloud to you. To utilise the speech synthesiser, you must have ReadPlease installed on your computer. ReadPlease 2003 is available free.

How to use ReadPlease:

1. Download ReadPlease and install it on your computer.

2. Open ReadPlease and have it running in the background.

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5. Select "Open" and listen to the page information being read back to you.

The first time a page is loaded, you will be able to "uncheck" the box in the pop-up window stating "Always ask before opening this type of file". This will allow the "text to speech" procedure to begin immediately on any further viewed pages.

Background Information about ReadPlease

Click to go to the readplease site.

ReadPlease was designed by Rob McCormack for his father who was suffering from macular degeneration, a condition that weakens eyesight. As a result, McCormack's father was unable rolex replica to read small print. ReadPlease was developed to allow this avid reader to continue his enjoyment of books. The ReadPlease software allows for many downloaded books to be read to the reader-listener. In addition to visual impairments, ReadPlease helps other users, such as those who have dyslexia and speech impairments, access information. It can also be a useful tool for the speech impaired to enhance communication.

ReadPlease/ReadPlease Plus 2003 is a fully-featured, easy-to-use, and rolex replica uk natural sounding text-to-speech program that can read anything on your screen. The program uses four natural-sounding voices: Sam, Marilyn, Mike and Mary, to read the material. Click on the ReadPlease symbol (left) to go to the ReadPlease site.