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Aug 29, 2007:
Partick Thisle fans Begin building site in appreciation of the main stand at Firhill.

Sept 15, 2007:
On each page of the site there are links to old abandoned PTFC fan websites. On this 'history' page we feature - appropriately - The Early Years.

Thistle: The Early Years.

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Sept 16, 2007:
v1.0, Main stand site launched.


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Partick Thistle formed in 1876. The main stand completed in 1927. Eighty years old.


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Below is an account given of the history of Firhill and the main stand by the late journalist and writer Ian Archer.

Stand History

The establishment of Firhill was a gradual process. It could not have been otherwise with a lack of ready cash inhibiting growth. For the first six years Thistle rented the ground and replica watches sale did little with it, contenting themselves with only levelling the playing pitch and offering as much accommodation as their supporters needed. There was a small stand, but the best view remained outside the park, from the top of the nearby tenements.

The opening of the ground was scheduled for August 21st 1909 and Thistle had asked Queen's Park, those old adversaries, to play the first game. But work had not been completed and this led to a bit of a fiasco as an Inspector from the Master of Works department visited Firhill and objected to part of the terracing which had rolex replica uk not been completed. The game was called off and that annoyed the Scottish Referee, a publication which had not in the previous year felt too obliged to give much coverage to this struggling club.

It dipped its pen in vitriol and searched for the nearest hyperbole. The postponement of the match, it said "was unparalleled in the history of British sport." It talked about "the inconvenience and disappointment suffered by the public, thousands of whom had generously intended to patronise the match, many of them newcomers to the game." To make matters worse, it was a gorgeous afternoon.

It took almost another month to prepare the ground to the rolex replica sale satisfaction of the Corporation and when it was done the first opponents were somewhat less impressive-Dumbarton Harp. But Thistle won the Scottish Cup qualifying match and almost immediately started reaping the benefits of their change in address. By October nine thousand had watched a League match against Clyde and the next month that attendance was doubled as Rangers inflicted the first Firhill defeat on the club.