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Aug 29, 2007:
Partick Thisle fans Begin building site in appreciation of rolex replica the main stand at Firhill.

Sept 15, 2007:
On each page of the site there are links to old abandoned PTFC fan websites. On this rolex replica page we feature

Click on picture to link.

Sept 16, 2007:
v1.0, Main stand site launched.


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More info:

The gallery will continually expand to show more detail of the excellent main stand.

A League for All:

Young people's Football tournament 22 June 2008. Click here for pictures of the event.


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The Gallery will provide some photos of the main stand over the years. Here are some recent ones to start things off.


Front Firhill Road Main Entrance The seating inside the main stand Inside the main stand concourse Entrance Doors of the Main Stand The Aitken suite: the tables await the hospitality guests.

More Photographs

The photo gallery will be added to from time to time. To see more photographs select and click below.

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