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Aug 29, 2007:
Partick Thisle fans Begin building site in appreciation of the main stand at Firhill.

Sept 15, 2007:
On this page of the site we have a link to the most up to date of PTFC fan websites: the famous and sometimes controversial home of the fans forum.

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Sept 16, 2007:
v1.0, Main stand site launched.


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The main stand forms part of Firhill Stadium the home of Partick Thistle, the best football team in Scotland.


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A League for All

As part of the Scottish Refugee Week, Glasgow Mela and the West End Festival an all day football tournament for young people took place at Kelvingrove Park tennis courts on Sunday, June 22nd. The event was supported by the Scottish Refugee Council, Operation Reclaim, Strathclyde Police, Glasgow City Council, Show Racism the Red Card and The Jags Trust. The object of the event was to use football as a vehicle to improve understanding of and attitudes towards race and gender issues.

The Jags Trust supplied the trophy for the overall winner, medals, T-Shirts for finalists and semi-finalists and pennants for all the teams involved. In addition they distributed information promoting the concessions for the forthcoming season and the matchday prices throughout the day at the mela.

Former Thistle player Grant Tierney came all the way from Falkirk to support the event to spend some time with the young people and to present the trophy and prizes along with an old adversary the former Rangers player Mark Hately.

The event ran from 10am ?5pm and was a great success. The trust are in talks with the organisers to become a key partmer in making this a Glasgow wide annual event. Click here for pictures of the event.


Stadium Development

Artist's impression of possible development around Firhill Stadium. There have been a lot of rumours about the development of the ground and the development around it. If the most recent rumours are true, it would seem that the development is to be composed in the main of housing and that a new stadium for the club would be built across the other side of the canal. This stadium would have a capacity of 6,500 - the same as that of the Jackie Husband at present. The rumours also suggest that five a side pitches would also be present for the use of the local community and to provide a revenue stream for the club for the future.

This is not in itself a bad plan, but the reduced capacity does show the limits of our future aspirations. The small size also suggests that gaining a decent atmosphere will be difficult in fact nearly impossible. The inclusion of the five a side pitches is encouraging. It is also intended to improve the links with Glasgow Warriors, but in a similar arrangement to that at present.

Sadly, however, the rumoured plans also include demolishing Firhill Stadium to make way for the housing development. The main stand would be converted from a fine, noble and imposing structure into heap of rubble along with the eighty years of its history. All of this due to the failure of the directors to reduce the debt of the club over a nine year period. The famous nine year plan discarded long ago with the result that the ground too must be discarded. The idea that never again would Partick Thistle be allowed to lose money knocked into touch by the fumbling fingers of the board.

Was there another way forward? Yes indeed there was and the stadium could still have been retained with the excellent main stand, the Jackie Husband and the North Stand accompanied into the future with another south stand that could have included more facilities within.

To confound the sensibilities of the fans even more there is the strange matter of the Partick Thistle Developments company, the share issue and the half million option.


Outsourcing your business.

The Dunfermiline debacle was unfortunate at least, a disaster at worst - and certainly a disaster for the image of the club. One of the interesting facts to come out of all the furore was the fact that the club had outsourced the care and maintenance of the pitch to a third party. This is not new, the club have outsourced care and maintenance before, but it has to be asked if it is advisable? You can take away all the buildings, all the stands, all the terraces, but you can still play the game. The football pitch, like the ball and the players, forms the core of the business. Surely, this is something that should be kept in the safe hands of the club?


Quotes from the Chair.

As the year draws to a close amidst much speculation over the future of the ground and the club, we thought it might be worth reminding you of the things that chairmen past and present have said with regard to these matters.

Chairman’s message:

29/07/05?“the reason for selling the ground is to build a stand?there will be enough money to build a 1000 seater stand, clear the debt and buy land??

10/10/05…”if planning permission goes through, it will allow us to clear off our debt which will give an extra 60 to 70.000 pounds onto the playing budget, it will hopefully leave money over for a training complex?a reason the main stand is closed is due to policing/stewarding cost, a five figure sum per annum??

15/10/05?“The problem with the Main Stand is that it costs a lot to police and steward and we could save over ?0,000 per annum if we closed it and only used the Jackie Husband Stand for home supporters.?

17/12/05?“We have now concluded missives for the sale of the South. Unfortunately, we have not made as much progress as we had hoped with the relocation of the Police Control Room. I think however, we will soon be back on schedule and still hope we will be starting to build our new stand this close season.?

28/01/06?“We have finally decided to close the Main Stand, until further notice. This decision has been taken to save money, as the reduction in Police and stewarding charges will be significant.?

11/02/06?“We are presently exploring the possibility of having even less people in the Main Stand in future but we still have a bit to go before we can make final decisions regarding this.?

11/03/06…”Our Club were heading for very substantial losses this season, two live games on Sky TV and a cheque from the gate receipts at Tynecastle, wiped out these losses?We are also obtaining quotes for various items of capital expenditure within the ground, which will include a complete new public address system, a new pop up sprinkler system, major pitch and undersoil heating upgrading works, a new South Stand and other possible upgrading to bar and hospitality areas.?

14/03/06?“We have heard more talk recently about the creation of an SPL 2. Personally, I feel there should never have been an SPL1! I think what we need in Scottish Football is more people working with each other, and not independently, and believe that the SPL and the SFL should be getting together?Following the previous acrimonious split a decade ago, I will be both surprised and disappointed if the member clubs of the Scottish Football League allow a similar situation to develop again.?

23/09/06?“Works at the rear of the Jackie Husband Stand are progressing well and everything is on schedule to move our hospitality to this area at the end of October?I have been asked recently about the situation with the South Terracing but feel there is no value in making any comment at present. I can assure everyone that things are moving along fine but believe it would be foolish to say any more at the moment.?

30/09/06?“As I have said before please do not confuse the lack of comment with a lack of action at the south end of the ground. It is just that at present I feel it is a case of the less said the better. We have had further discussions with East Dunbartonshire Council and everything is progressing satisfactorily in respect of our proposed training centre at Twechar. As previously stated however, it is unlikely we will be able to do too much about this move until after we sorted out the planning issues here at Firhill.?

28/10/06?“We managed to make a profit of ?4K, although it should be emphasised that this was very much helped by two Scottish Cup Ties being shown live on Sky TV and a fairly lucrative quarter final match at Tynecastle, which brought in a total of around ?25K net.?

30/12/06?“In addition, by moving most of our activities to the new Main Stand, the Jackie Husband Stand, we will make large savings on stewarding, maintenance etc?As you may know the previous application included a proposal to build a family stand because it was thought this would aid the application?At the moment to use money from a land sale for a new stand would be folly when there are many more pressing needs. We need, for example, to address the chronic shortage of training facilities for the tea. Surely it is better to spend money on something which will directly benefit the team rather than an edifice which will lie empty and gather. A new stand is likely to cost well over a million pounds. Another benefit of the land sale will be to reduce our current debt which would also be a significant benefit to the manager as it would free up interest payments for the playing budget.

AGM notes: 23/09/05?The stark reality, however, is that without a benefactor or unforeseen windfall full time football is unsustainable in the Scottish Football League, in our opinion. On the brighter side, the Club is asset rich with what is now a very valuable land bank. The dilemma for all concerned with Partick Thistle Football Club is to what extent, if any, these assets should be utilised to finance football losses.


Not a Sign of the Times.

The club made an apology to Thistle fans for the "inappropriate signage they may encounter" when approaching the ground. It seems that some of the Glasgow Warrior’s personnel put up the signs without first gaining the permission of the PTFC Board. The board have now instructed the Warriors to remove the signs. Surely this is a bit of an over reaction? Although Thistle fans have been assured that the signs will not be seen again on Thistle match days this was not the response that they might wished to have seen. Perhaps, the same enthusiatic approach to advertising and marketing from our own club would have been better?


Signs of the Times?

New signs on the main stand.. New signs on the main stand.. It was brought to our attention that new signs had appeared on the side of the main stand. Do not get excited though, it is not the long awaited replacement Thistle logo or even a repainted rolex replica sale one; instead it is the new sign for the Glasgow Warriors Rugby team which now shares the stadium with us. Put side by side with ours, the new Warriors signs magnify the shabbiness of the Thistle ones. The legend on the Warriors sign might be one we could think of lifting for ourselves one day?


Club's Statement on Stadium Development

The board of Partick Thistle yesterday denied that the proposed redevelopment of the stadium as detailed below has been agreed between club and developer. The club have said that they are in dialogue with a number of developers with competing plans regarding the future of Firhill and its surroundings. In stark contrast rolex replica to previous communications from the club, it has been made clear that there will be no consultation with fans or shareholders until a particular plan has been identified as the preferred option.

The way that stadium development has been dealt with by the board is still a major source of concern, as has the root problem driving the desire for redevelopment: the club's inability to replica watches uk reduce the level of debt. Previous statements and assurances regarding the future of the stadium should obviously now be disregarded.

It is still hoped that the board of directors will improve their communication with the fans both through the jags trust and directly through the club programme to the wider fan base.


Stadium Development

The new plans for Firhill Stadium. So now we know. No consultation with the fans, not even the courtesy of a press release. Instead we find out about the whole thing from a stall at a small fete at the Firhill Basin. In the pictures below the areas marked out in blue show the initial size of the proposed development. The other side of the canal is also to be rolex replica sale built on at a future date. So after 80 years the main stand is to be demolished for a shallow, non atmospheric but modern stand. Same for the Jackie Husband stand too, after spending ?00,000 moving things over to it over the course of last year they will knock it down also.

Detailed drawings of development around Firhill Stadium. It would be wrong not to look at the way this has been planned over the course of the past year. When did this plan come into vogue? Only a year ago it was a new south stand, houses, no debt and a training ground. Then it was the mothballing of the main stand and the costly removal of hospitality, including the golden thistle club, to the Jackie Husband stand. This required the relocation of many season ticket holders. Months later we find out about this. Do they have any idea what planning is?


Lack of Vision

The main stand is eighty years old this year. This has coincided with concern amongst the fans about the state of the stadium. At present there has been no consultation with the fans about the future of the ground and the club we all love. The mess that has been made of the south end of the ground and the mothballing and possible destruction of the main stand has brought deep concern to many fans. Coupled to all of this are the rumours that abound in the vacuum of facts or detail coming from the club. New stadium? Reduced capacity? Three sided stadium. Housing instead of stands? All of these rumours fuel the discontent regarding the board and its lack of vision for the ground.

It is hoped that the board of directors will improve communication with the fans both through the jags trust and directly through the club programme to the wider fan base.